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NKSoft KEMA: Powering the future of utilities

Who We Are:  Our Global Power & Utilities consultants doesn’t just react to changing market conditions, we help shape them. We don’t just know the issues, we’ve analyzed them to understand their impact on you and the way you do business. We are committed to delivering industry insight that creates value. Building a better, cleaner and more reliable energy-connected future for your customers requires a strong strategy and seamless execution. We can help you take the right next steps in your journey. We are proud of our ability to make technology work for our clients. Our principals' have in average of 27 years of experience in the utility industry. Along with its US consulting operations, NKSoft KEMA global team of over 225 professionals collaborates and shares industry knowledge to help you succeed in a changing world. Our team is ready to develop practical approaches to the business case development, supporting you for the rate case, technology selection, deployment and cyber security assurances  issues you face. 

How we work:  We make it our business to understand your business and keep our advice relevant to your needs. We work with you as you transform your business, helping you anticipate pitfalls and realize the results on which your future depends. We work with leading companies in the power and utilities industry. This means we understand the sector and its underlying drivers. Wherever you are in the world, we help you manage uncertainty and make the most of change.  

Helping you master transformation in power and utilities as you face the triple challenge of improving environmental performance, keeping consumers’ costs down and maintaining system reliability.

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