Our corner office is actually a corner of the country.

Our home base of Seattle isn't just a place—it’s a point of view. And like the Great Northwest, our outlook is a little different. From here, we can help you see more. Beyond numbers. Beyond conventional wisdom. From our vantage point, information paves the way to insight and metrics reveal more meaning. When your way forward isn't clear, a shift in perspective isn't just refreshing. It’s essential.

    22     world travelers
    12     parents
       5      multi-lingual
     11    cyclists of varying commitment levels
       4     sailboat skippers
    14     hikers
        1    person who started in Oil before changing course


Dozens of ways to apply what you know. Infinite opportunities to shine.

Showing a city a picture of itself.

At UICG, meaningful work, intellectual rigor and a balanced life co-exist in a way they just don’t in many other jobs. We mix hard and soft disciplines for an approach all our own.

We’re equal parts intelligence and irreverence. We love the outdoors (most of us) and fiercely guard our quality of life. At the same time, we possess a work ethic, business sense and mastery of energy issues that we’ll happily stack up against the most buttoned-down firm. We like quirky. We don’t tolerate flakey. And we mind the fulcrum that keeps life and work in balance. Our greatest ambition is to be indispensable to our clients’ success as we make a positive contribution to global energy challenges.

Our second-greatest ambition? To be the kind of people you want to have a beer with. We're always on the lookout for smart people with vision. If you're interested, please send a resume or career questions to:

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