Generation and Transmission Services

Power Plant Development to Smart Transmission Networks

Finding economically and environmentally sustainable ways to transmit electricity, NKCS can assist you from idea to delivery. From feasibility studies to commercial delivery, Our engineers have the know-how to help you to transmit electrical energy to your clients in a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable way to drive social growth while also protecting the environment. Based on many years of international experience and interdisciplinary projects, we are able to assist you in all areas of the electric power sector. We can assist you with the cost-effective and sustainable development, building, and operation of networks for electrical power transmission and generation. We place particular emphasis on environmental concerns, state-of-the-art technology, economics, and sustainability.

Our activities cover high, medium, and low voltage switchgear, complete network substations, distribution networks, low voltage transformers, power transformer stations, and compensation systems. We also provide expert services in the field of network calculations and analysis of electromagnetic fields in addition to general project tasks such as studies, concepts, specifications, and system evaluation. Our scope of work also cover certification measurements and engineering services in the field of ancillary services. Our transmission line projects range from distribution lines and distribution networks to underground cable systems and high voltage transmission lines. We have extensive experience in transmission line projects in difficult areas, be it at extreme altitudes, such as the snow and ice-covered Alps, or in remote areas of Asia and Africa.

Fields of activities

  • Transmission & Distribution Lines

  • Substations (outdoor and GIS)

  • Transformers

  • HVDC

  • Cables

  • Antennas for Mobile Networks

  • SCADA Systems

  • Ancillary Services (Consulting & Certification Measurement)

  • FACTS (right before HVDC)

  • Smart (micro) grids

  • Renewable energy integration

  • Energy storage integration

Consulting Services

Experienced resources
  • Project Management, -supervision, Supervision of guarantee work, Operation Planning

  • Quality-, safety management, On-site management

  • Progress and expediting supervision

  • Optimizing of organizational structure

  • Asset inspection, Status evaluation of assets, Condition assessment, and monitoring techniques

  • Preventive/periodic maintenance planning, Optimized maintenance

  • Complete Plant O&M

  • Reduction of system outages, emergency repair systems, Revision, Function testing

  • Life Cycle Management

  • Reliability Modelling and Analysis

  • Smart utility management

  • Energy Consulting (Loss reduction plans, Energy supply, and energy-saving studies)

Project Feasibility Services

Experience Matters
  • Expertise, due diligence, and appraisal report for project evaluation

  • Technical specifications and regulations

  • Tender documents and evaluations

  • Contractual issues/negotiations (legal, technical, commercial)

  • Tariff-Models, dynamic pricing, rates development

  • Optimization and rehabilitation measures for improvement of energy generation and transmission

  • Conceptual and detail Planning/ Engineering, Plans and drawings

  • Detail design

  • Feasibility Studies and Grid Studies

  • Recruitment of Personnel and Training of personnel and know-how transfer