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Ours is a streamlined, global organization, able to deploy high-performance teams. We generate fresh ideas; invest in experienced talent with deep industry knowledge, and focus on client results and client service. Whether you need to protect your utility business from today’s major risks or want to improve performance and achieve operational excellence, we can help.


Digital Grid: Powering the future of utilities

The digital grid is the digitization of electricity, gas, and water networks using advanced technology. It allows two-way communication between the utility and the network, including its customers, and enables insight, automation, and control across the utilities’ operations, empowering utilities to improve reliability, availability, and efficiency of the grid.


Digital Grid Transformation

Connect decentralized power from renewables, microgrids, and virtual power plants, as well as energy storage, alongside traditional bulk generation

Harness the potential of connected homes and devices and the internet of things

Improve the reliability of current grids by making them smarter, more able to self-detect and self-heal outages, and to reroute power as needed.


NERC CIP Cyber Security

Prepare for threats against digital and physical assets, mitigate risks and meet NERC CIP standards

Improve NERC CIP Compliance

We can help you manage and maintain your NERC CIP Compliance and Audit

Understanding of the Security Optimization

Security has never been so important. We
              can help you optimize your security

Compliance metrics: Analytics and visualization

Everyone within the company is concern
              about cyber security. Let's have the
              metrics available to those who need to               know. 

IT/OT System Implementation

Let us help you with the IT and OT system selection and implementation support

Oracle Utility Solution

CC&B implementation support.
WAM implementation support.
              MWMS implementation support.

SAP  Utility Solution

SAP ISU solution implementation. 

Analytics Solution

Let us help you develop a comprehensive Analytics strategy and solution.

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Asset Management and Predictive Analysis

Developing an Asset Management plan or implementing a predictive analysis process for utility Assets, NKSoft can help.

Our advanced analytics solutions help businesses build the right capabilities to garner insights that enable better decisions to create value through four key functions:

  • Descriptive analytics: We examine and analyze your business' key performance indicators to provide insights that help understand your business at an aggregate level and evaluate the various business processes.

  • Diagnostic analytics: Using root cause analysis, we uncover patterns and cross-functional correlations that help derive better business insights and develop accurate predictive models.

  • Predictive analytics: We help you identify risks and anticipate future opportunities based on underlying patterns and relationships by performing analytics on historical and real-time data.

  • Data visualization: Our interactive dashboards provide advanced data visualization. Our solution automatically represents data in an intuitive format enabling you to build business intelligence and make informed decisions. 

A deep understanding of industry dynamics, leading-edge processes, and tools combined with an experienced talent pool enable us to implement customized data management strategies. Our approach to advanced analytics is agile, timely, phased, and cost-effective delivering business benefits at the conclusion of each phase of the project. 

Our  Services

  • Digital Grid Transformation
    Distribution Automation





    Business Process Re-engineering
    ERP Deployment


NERC /CIP Audit Compliance Management

NERC CIP compliance rules are constantly changing. UICG can help you implement a compliance management solution and help you with the pre-audit to post-audit process.



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Best Practices

Utilize the best practices to improve your business and system process. UICG can help.

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SCADA & EMS Implementation

UICG has expert consultants in assisting the customer in developing RFP, selecting the vendor to the implementation of SCADA and EMS system.

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Mobility Solution

Either you want to develop a mobile version of your existing application or deploy a solution for the mobile workforce, UICG can help you.